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Job Advertising Bundles


Want to take advantage of some serious savings? We've put together some great advertising packages, so you can post to the major job boards to boost your reach for a fraction of the cost of buying them direct.

All packages include adverts on CV Library, Totaljobs  & LinkedIn

Click on the buttons to see our two different offerings.


1 Job Advert
1 Job Advert
  • Savings of £390 off RRP
    Savings of £172 off RRP

5 Job Adverts
5 Job Adverts
  • £445 per advert
    £295 per advert
  • Save £2,220 on RRP
    Save £1360 on RRP

10 Job Adverts
10 Job Adverts
  • £395 per advert
    £245 per advert
  • Save £4,950 on RRP
    Save £3220 on RRP

20 Job Adverts
20 Job Adverts
  • £375 per advert
    £225 per advert
  • Save £10,280 on RRP
    Save £6,839 on RRP

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Professional Copywriting

Attract more applicants with specially crafted adverts that grab attention and drive up your response rates.


Upgrade Your Media Channels

We use Facebook Advertising and Video Job Descriptions to engage and convert your target audience so you have more (and better) candidates to interview.

Want something a bit more tailored? Contact us on 0800 820 3060 for full options.

Is recruitment too expensive and taking up too much of your time?

If you’re an ambitious Startup or SME who wants to rise above the mediocre companies in your sector by employing great people cost effectively, then book a friendly call today.



Who will the advert response go to?

We liaise with the job boards to save you time. We’ll give them an email address you’d like the CV’s to go to, so they go directly to you.


Will the standard adverts have our logo on them?
No. Standard adverts will have the Talentera logo on, and the branded ones will have your logo on.


Can you help us create an advert that attracts more candidates?

Yes, definitely! Optimizing a recruitment process is exactly what we love, and we create adverts that generate 2, 3, or 10x more CV’s than ordinary job ads.


How long are the adverts live for?
The adverts are live on Reed, Total Jobs and CV Library for 28 days, and live on LinkedIn for 14 days.